‘Content Shift’ from Manicured Content to UGC

Social Media has come a long way in the past two years. The number of brands posting content has almost doubled and business revenue from social commerce is at its highest. During 2020 and 2021 the consumers saw a major shift in how they would like to buy a certain product they need.

The pandemic forced innovation and transformation in all business sectors and the way how a brand used to communicate with their loyal and potential customers. As a result, brands across the world delivered on their online strategy at lightning speed and reached their customers through several digital channels.

With all the brands going online and a swarm of new content being uploaded on the internet every second, the real question is, how to drive growth amongst the online competition and how to create more loyal customers?


1. Rise of Social Commerce

When adapting to eCommerce, the brands quickly learned that the audience could be tapped largely through social media channels. Instagram was the first one to provide Buy button next to the products and soon all the other major channels followed suit.

Social commerce soon became the easiest way to convert potential customers into making a purchase. The audience could be easily guided from the social media ad to the product page without changing the UI experience. Social commerce helped Adidas to increase their online sales by 35% and Loreal by 20%.


2. Rising trust into UGC and Google Reviews

Brands worldwide have always been bullish about Influencer marketing and its ability to drive people to buy the products that the influencers showcase. The recent lockdowns saw many people coming out as micro bloggers who are into creating content that is much more realistic and appeals to the normal social media audience. This created a shift in brands going more towards these organic UGC (user generated content) creators than the big names in influencer marketing and added that saved budget into social media and other digital ads to create more brand awareness and drive more conversions through the authentic UGC’s.

Many people now, first read the comments on posts / ads or go to Google to read reviews about the product before making a purchase. Brands are now investing in making that extra push by prompting questionnaires after successful orders and delivery to enhance their product and service offering for a better customer experience. This leads to organic growth of the brands’ online channels and increases the UGC’s on different digital channels which ultimately increases the consumer trust in the brand.


3. Creating more brand advocates than brand loyalists

A marketing strategy would always push you towards brand loyalists, but a good social media marketing strategy will concentrate towards creating brand advocates. This requires you to increase engagement with your audience after they make their first sale. Building trust and creating an authentic fanbase of your brand is the key to generate that word of mouth that will generate more organic consumers for your online store. The key is always to stay away from very hard lined product sales content and concentrate more towards engaging with the audience with the right message.

Other way of doing this is by running offers and giving rewards to the brand followers in the form of purchase offers or discounts or freebies if they share their reviews online or tag their friends on their posts online. This makes people believe the brand and generates more conversions through digital channels.


By continuously nurturing relationship with your customers, your customers will turn into brand ambassadors that will organically influence their friends and family to trust your brand as they did.

Ricky Khatwani, Head of Performance at McCollins Media