3 Steps to Make Your Business Go Viral on TikTok

The onset of the pandemic was also the start of TikTok’s social media platform domination. From Dalgona coffee recipes to crazy dance trends, the rise of TikTok as a content creation platform has skyrocketed throughout the past year. In a report by Campaign Middle East, TikTok’s growth is rapidly increasing in the GCC, with Saudia Arabia leading at the top spot. In the second place lies the UAE, which houses 34.1k or 1.09% of the total TikTok influencers (those with more than 1000 followers) in the world, according to AI-powered analytics tool, Hypeauditor. TikTok does not only house hundreds of comedic homemade videos, but also business owners who have turned to it to promote their products and services.

Businesses’ presence on TikTok has become more apparent as the application itself grows. Aside from uploading personal videos and anecdotes, Tiktok content creators, or TikTokers, have gone to the platform to advertise their small businesses on their pages. With millions of users from not only the GCC or the UAE, TikTok generates a huge amount of internet traffic from viewers who might not only be interested in passing time, but also to splurge on items and services.

Want to know the other secrets to the road to Business TikTok success? Read on and find out.

1 - Unrefined content is best.

Transparency and the rawness of daily life is what keeps the audience interested in a creator’s content. Audiences love watching how other people live and get the sense of familiarity in what they create. From ranking your favourite shawarma stand, or the best place to get karak, to hidden gems in Dubai–simple videos of these can garner views  from curious audiences. 

For example, not only do small time entrepreneurs turned content creators use the platform to show how they live, but they also capture the daily struggles and wins they encounter in their businesses, which shows exactly how relatable each and every person’s lives are despite being in seemingly different circumstances. 

2 - Humour earns engagement.

Above all else, it is important to have fun when you’re doing TikToks–it should not feel dragging or forced. Comedic and sarcastic videos are what appear in most TikTok user’s “For You Page,” and are among the most liked, shared and commented on. These kinds of videos are what gets the most engagement, and therefore garners the most attention from TikTok users. 

Most viral TikTok videos aren’t the most well-planned ones and these videos usually end up being unintentionally funny, and that is what helps you gain a following that will eventually turn into sales. Also, it is worth mentioning that the way TikTok analyzes the number of engagements by adding the number of shares, likes, and comments, then divides it by the number of video views. It is not only the number of engagements, hashtags and sounds that help in the assurance of a video going viral, but it is in the video content itself.

3 - Sell without selling.

Audiences are less likely to watch advertisements on TikTok–a fast growing platform that thrives off of educational and funny content. TikTok users would prefer watching a 30-second video of how an item is produced or used, or even a competition that would subtly showcase the product or service being offered, over a video of someone with a mediocre script, promoting a product or service in the same timeframe. 

Being creative in this method may pique the interest of the audience, encourage them to comment, and maybe even inquire about the product you nonchalantly showed in your video. 

Massive engagement is what sells products and services, which makes up for the lack of financial means needed to advertise on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. TikTok’s huge advantage over other platforms since most small businesses today are the result of people getting laid off from work due to the pandemic. Even one viral video on TikTok is enough of a stepping stone to a business owner’s success.

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