How My Internship Landed Me a Job at McCollins Media

Nike once eloquently said, “If greatness doesn’t come knocking on your door, maybe you should go and knock on its door”.

Opportunities are nothing short of greatness, and that is exactly how I treated my approach for a role at McCollins Media. Having lacked industry experience in the field of account management, I was offered a training period as an internship for two months where I am immensely grateful for the team that I got to work with. 

I had just graduated with a degree in Media and Communication at the time and getting the chance to finally put my theoretical understandings into practice was a dream come true. 

I still remember ever so clearly my first task, with all the zeal to prove myself as a fresher bustled within me to make sure I made the best impression possible. In a week, I was exposed to more brands than I ever did over my previous internships. From kitchen brands to food & beverage brands and more, I learned more during my two-month internship than I did from my degree and my previous work experience combined. I’ve always been a keen learner and this opportunity was just right for me. 

With the right amount of challenges out of my comfort zone and with a team that constantly pushed me to do better. I understood my capacity, my strengths and weaknesses, and more. During my internship, I got to work on multiple projects, from press releases to SEO website writing to making calendars and finding what’s relevant and relatable to the market. During this period, I gained new skills in handling Community Management and most of all a sense of professionalism and a clearer view of what it meant to be in the professional world. 

After two months I was offered a permanent position for the role in the Account Management team as an Account Executive and it’s been nothing short of an adventure ever since, the good kind that keeps your blood flowing. Monotonous routines have never been my forte and an ever-evolving workflow of new challenges and tasks everyday pumps me to show up every morning and gives me something to look forward to. Having a team that supports me like a family through every up and down at work is a huge bonus and I could not have asked for things to be any other way. 

If I had to simply put my takeaway from my time at McCollins Media to this day, it would be that no task is small and no question is irrelevant. Every small step helps you and your team move forward.