The Rise of Social Audio and How it Benefits your Brand

As the world is still adjusting to the current situation, brands continuously find ways to adapt and connect with their audiences and customers. Social media is one of the many industries that need to produce ingenious ways for people to communicate remotely. One of the innovations that was introduced over the past year was Social Audio. Leading platforms which have adapted this concept are Spaces by Twitter, Clubhouse, Discord, Fireside and a lot more. 

What is Social Audio?

One might think that Social Audio is similar to what podcasts have to offer. Sure, most podcasts are informative and entertaining, but they are pre-recorded conversations. Social Audio on the other hand is live, real-time audio that allows the audience to take part in the conversation. The novel broadcast medium works well because it allows the different parties to forge a deeper connection through direct conversation, rather than just talking through chat boxes or emails. 

Social Audio has a number of advantages compared to regular video chatting. For example, video chatting on Zoom would make you worry about your background, and how you must look presentable to your peers or audiences. By using Social Audio, those previously mentioned factors will be the least of your worries–your only focus will be to speak well and listen carefully. Unlike podcasts which can be saved by users, most Social Audio platforms do not have the option to save the conversation, much like how Clubhouse works. 

How can Social Audio help grow my brand?

The main goal for using Social Audio is to effectively engage with you audiences through a live discussion. To be able to fully use Social Audio for your brand, your spokesperson must be someone who not only speaks well. The brand’s spokesperson must also be empathetic and be good at keeping conversations. Knowing what your audience wants is one of the ways to know what you must change and improve to keep them from straying away. 

To know about your customers’ or audiences’ thoughts and feedback towards the company, it is best to listen well. This may sound like a typical over-the-phone conversation, but this one requires no charges! Kidding aside, what makes Social Audio more different is that you can talk to multiple people at the same time, it would feel as if you are in the same place conversing about anything and everything.