Social Media Trends in 2022 - What the next year looks like

Over the past 2 years, the digital landscape has changed dramatically. We have all adopted the new normal and digital marketing has played a pivotal role in defining the new way of doing business. Here are a few social media trends for 2022

Social Media as a shopping platform 

Most Social Media Channels are now designed to act like a shopping platform. Fans can now aspire for a product and buy it too be it via Instagram or Facebook. Platforms like Snapchat and TikTok are now well integrated with e-commerce partners like Shopify. Digital Ads are run as catalog ads for an easy shopping experience. 

Performance Marketing is key for any brand, and with Ads, any social media channel is well equipped to be a shopping platform in 2022

The Rise of Short Term Video Content 

According to study, Upto 82% of digital content will consist of video content by 2022. With the use of Reels, TikTok Videos, YouTube Shorts, this is just the beginning. Brands are just getting started within the Middle East to shift from static posts to Short Video Content.

Bite Sized Content for Shorter Attention Span 

Fans and Followers on Social Media Channels are spoilt for choice. Brands really have to work on content to catch the shorter attention span of their followers using Bite Sized Content. Even shorter videos which will catch attention, be it using memes, series of stories or a storytelling route - we have to innovate the way we deliver bite sized content in 2022

Exploring Augmented Reality Options 

Brands within the Middle East are just warming up to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content being integrated within their campaigns. This will slowly gain momentum as Instagram has incorporated AR Filters and so has Snapchat Lens. Brands have just gotten started creating branded property out of these and 2022 will see a rise of AR and VR Content. 

The use of User Generated Content 

Brands are now shifting towards a more raw and real feed as opposed to a very manicured feed. The rise of UGC ( User Generated Content ) will contribute a lot more to the content being shared by brands. This humanizes the brand and marketers now understand the effect of brand advocacy by loyal customers, micro bloggers and the bigger influencers. There are also several ways to post UGC now be it via Reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok Videos or via Snapchat, apart from the generic posts. 

Building a Community, not just customers 

People love a feeling of belonging and being a part of a community. Several brands have adopted and created these communities where it's driven by brand advocates who contribute along with the brand owners. This platform is open for discussions, sharing brand experiences, and taking online offline. Many Facebook Groups are very active to build such communities for brands.