5 Questions you must ask your customer

Sometimes, it's great to keep things simple! Get feedback from your customer itself. The brand is built around the customer and there is no better way to learn what they like, but to ask them itself!


How has your experience been ?

We tend to keep ourselves busy with our day to day routines and the rush of doing things, so that we don't stop and ask our customers, how has their experience been ? 

We would automate this with a simple Survey Form sent via WhatsApp or an emailer with a link to the form. A simple call from the customer service team also does wonders. 

All your customer wants is to be heard and to be made to feel special! So make that call :)

What additional products would you like to see ?

Many times we develop a product mix we find fit. Asking your customer what more they would like to see might actually open doors to other opportunities for your business. Products complimenting each other are great to increase your average billing. Different customers have different requirements, and when we put all of these together, as a brand it widens our horizons on what more can be. 

So ask your customer, and walk the talk in terms of hearing them and giving them what they want, if feasible to the brand. 

What is the one thing you like about us the most ?

As much as we ask customers what they did not like, it's great to know what they like too. You come to know what you are doing right and maybe you can do a few more things to add onto that. As a business, we understand our customers better and in turn this helps us map out our next steps

Would you buy from us again ?

We spend a lot of money acquiring new customers. We should also spend effort in retaining our existing customers, creating a loyalty factor which brings them back in. Asking customers if they would buy again from us defines their experience and we get an understanding of the brand sentiment. If we get a positive response, we know we are doing something right, else we have to work on the negatives to make them a positive. 

Would you recommend us to a friend ?

Today, everything works on Word of Mouth! Be it telling your friend, writing a review on Google, Posting on Instagram Stories or creating that TikTok video. You are in many ways advocating for a brand. Asking customers if they would recommend us is a great way to know if they trust our brand and would love to share about it to their peers. 

Ask Questions ! You never know, you get inspiration from your customer itself!

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