How to plan your Digital Marketing Budget for 2022

Every brand must change with time and trends. Sometimes, when you do not keep track of trends, you fail to plan your annual budget for digital marketing. Here are a few digital marketing routes to invest in, in 2022

1. Video Production 

Social Media Platforms are now heavily consuming bite sized video content be it in the form of Reels, IGTV, Snapchat, TikTok , Facebook Videos or for your brands YouTube Channel. Conceptualizing and creating video content for your social media channels will only increase the reach and engagement for your brand. Set aside an annual budget for Video Production which might have variables like Location, Models, Logistics, Bloggers, Voice Overs and post production

2. Paid Influencer Marketing 

Working with key paid influencers can have a positive impact on your brand. Keep aside a budget for your yearly key campaigns where you can collaborate with paid influencers. Influencers are a great way to humanize the brand and give a voice to your communication. In the UAE and GCC, we have a handful of influencers who really deliver impactful campaigns and doing a paid collaboration would mean escalating your brand journey. 

3. Lifestyle Shoot 

Gone are the days where we can only post about the product or service that you offer. It is imperative to humanize the brand and to do this, many times you may need to have a photography session with Lifestyle Shots. You will need to keep aside a budget to hire models to achieve this. Different campaigns, different models, you are on your way to telling your brand story!

4. Campaign based Media Buying 

On a monthly basis, you may have kept aside a budget for Digital Advertising, however, you need to ensure you keep aside some extra budget for those bigger campaigns like Ramadan, Eid, Valentine’s Day, UAE National Day, Christmas or New Years Eve. Taking on a campaign based approach can mean a lot more to your brand as opposed to spending the same budget across all months of the year 

5. Online to Offline 

Communicate your online campaigns via offline printed collaterals or micro events which will activate the brand on a 360 level. Set aside a minimal budget be it for printing simple things like a tent card or having live entertainment to tie in a campaign, or set a Live stream recording of an online roundtable and so on. Take the communication through the line and ensure your customers enjoy an overall brand experience