4 Things You Wouldn’t Want to Miss at Expo 2020

It was late 2013 when the Bureau International des Expositions general assembly in Paris, France announced that Dubai was to host Expo 2020. Celebrations were happening all around the city, brands gave away free ice creams and special meals to join in on all the fun. Excitement and enthusiasm was the foundation of this Expo. Being able to live and thrive in a city where the largest world exposition is to be held, is in itself an incredible honor. However, as the world went on pause due to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in late 2019, even the Expo preparations were not spared from going on hiatus. 

Slowly, the world began to open up again after a few months. Tourists began taking international flights to a number of popular vacation spots. Dubai's rich legacy and technological marvels were once again on display for visitors from all around the world. This includes the massive Expo 2020 site in Dubai South, neighboring the new Al Maktoum International Airport.

Expo 2020 holds the distinction of being the first Expo to be hosted in the MENASA region (Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia). 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future' is the theme of the Dubai Expo 2020. Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity are the sub-themes. This gargantuar of an event does not only lend a hand in boosting the economy and tourism sector of Dubai and the rest of the Emirates but it will also make its mark on history as one of the largest gatherings in present times. To pique the interest of the people, the organizers had to create worthwhile and striking experiences for visitors, and here are some of them: 

1. Robots

     With the theme of "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future," Robots will undoubtedly be a part of this historic six-month event. With COVID-19 cases around the world still at an all-time high, organizing the Expo 2020 is definitely a challenge. COVID-19 safety precautions, however, will be implemented with the assistance of 150 robots that will aid in crowd management. Visitors at Expo 2020 will be required to maintain a certain level of social distance as they marvel at the impressive cultural and technical displays. This futuristic sight will not only enforce safety rules, but it will enhance visitor experience as well. 

2. Unique Pavilions

     Expo 2020 covers a huge 438 hectares and has 200 international pavilions, of which 191 are dedicated to specific nations. Each participating country is situated in one of the three districts namely--Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity, all of which have a significant sub-theme that participating nations based their pavilion designs on. Feast your eyes on architectural marvels that are unique to each and every participating country and explore what their homelands have to offer through immersive cultural experiences. 

3. Futuristic Food

     There are over 200 nationalities living and bringing in their food and culture to the concrete jungle that is Dubai. The city is definitely a foodie’s dream destination--a melting pot of a variety of cultures and cuisines from all over the world. Expo 2020 is not an exception to this! You'll be able to sample a variety of cuisines from across the world in the enormous pavilions. From vegan dishes, to cuisine of the future, enjoy your meals as you watch the world come together in one place. 

4. Daily Showcases 

     The six-month long cultural exchange will feature special showcases to entertain Expo 2020 visitors. Expect magnificent stage shows, street festivals, parades and concerts headlined by the worlds’ best talents. From the shining opera stars of Europe to the pop sensations of Asia, watch these brilliant artists take center stage and bask in their jaw-dropping performances at Expo 2020

With only just a few days to go before opening, the anticipation of the people are through the roof, and tickets are selling fast. Be part of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the nations come together in one huge cultural space. Aside from bragging rights, sights of technological advancements and unforgettable memories will surely make their mark in your mind.