It’s that time of the year! It's time to retire old stationeries in favour of this year's favourite superhero backpacks. It's almost back-to-school time, and parents and children, from kindergarten to college are getting ready to witness the "new normal" of schools. Of course, the last year and a half have been far from usual. However, as lockdown restrictions loosen around the country and many schools declare plans to resume full-time classroom learning in the autumn, it's vital for businesses to reconnect with back-to-school shoppers in a way that reflects the current reality and appeals to a wide range of audiences.

A shopping revolution is taking place in our country. The pandemic has expedited the e-commerce transformation, and back-to-school buying in 2021 will reflect this new reality.

Traditional advertising will be ineffective

Because of changes in the way people consume media, traditional advertising has become increasingly irrelevant in recent years. Businesses should focus on reaching customers in the digital settings where they spend the majority of their time, rather than using outdated brand-building strategies. Consumer behaviour has irreversibly changed as a result of the online buying boom. Augmented reality (AR), communication platforms, and peer recommendations have supplemented, if not completely replaced, traditional buying habits.

Retailers who want to stand out during this year's back-to-school season must embrace new customer interaction behaviours, and leverage these new forms of communication to promote conversions.

Accommodate differing perspectives

Aside from changing purchase habits, it's critical for marketers to know that their target audiences aren't going to share a unified experience this season. Some parents and children may be apprehensive about the approaching school year, while others are looking forward to returning to the classroom. After so long without a social educational setting, some students are likely to be excited about buying new clothes and stationery; for others, there may be nervousness about changes to the classroom and new requirements.Some people are facing tremendous financial difficulties, while others are not. To put it another way, one back-to-school message for all will not suffice this year.

Make it more personal with Influencer Marketing

To influence young people's purchasing behaviour, advertising and marketing messaging are no longer sufficient. Customer advocacy, reviews, and recommendations are now essential for shoppers and potential customers when making a purchase. A recent study demonstrated 93% of ‘Snapchatters’ use the app when shopping for back-to-school items. Who better to engage with back-to-school consumers than parents who have their own back-to-school purchasing needs? Today's online creators frequently possess the authenticity that consumers seek, as well as credibility in a variety of niche issues. By simply allowing influencers to convey their own unique and diverse tales, brands can generate the proper kind of engagement in an incredibly targeted way.

Reach for your target audience in Volumes

The benefits of influencer marketing aren't restricted to the influencer's following; you can use top-performing influencer postings in paid media campaigns to reach highly targeted audiences at scale. If you have influencer content that has proven to be effective with target audiences, you can turn it into a programmatic ad display that reaches hundreds or millions of additional people.

The time for engaging target audiences with significant influencers is now, as the 2021-2022 school year approaches and families prepare for the new normal. When there are so many innovative and successful options for delivering the appropriate message, to the right audience, at the right time, don't miss the mark this season by employing yesterday's approaches.