The Shift in Customer Engagement Strategy in the Future

Omnichannel experience is key 

Today when a customer places an order via a website, s/he then follows the brand on instagram or other social media channels. They expect a consistent experience across channels. This is something brands will have to invest in and ensure the brand message and experience is consistent across all channels. Many a times, different teams are working on different marketing channels be it Email Marketing, SMS , Social Media Marketing or Mobile Experience - the approach will have to be a lot more unified 

Real Time Experience 

Already a customer's attention span is short, this will become even shorter as this is the new normal. Real time response to queries or customer service is critical. Brands will have to brace themselves for a much more aggressive approach when it comes to delivering a real time experience for their customers

Brand Credibility 

Over the years, e-commerce websites have used many gimmicks and plug ins like Timers, Limited Stock Left, Best Selling Items or Deal Countdowns to push for a sale.  The customer now understands this and brands will have to adopt a more realistic approach delivering world class experience 

Personalized Advertising at Risk 

With the release of several regulatory changes be it with Apple iOS or so on, brands will have to see a shift in targeting users based on interests or demographics. We will have to be creative and find solutions to thrive in this changing environment.