Why are my Facebook ads not Delivering?

Everyone associated with Facebook Ads asks these questions to themselves every now and then. Why are my ads not performing? What is it that I am doing wrong? My quality ranking, engagement ranking and conversion ranking, all are good, but still why are the ads not performing? 

Usually advertisers would blame factors like budget, targeted audience or ad creatives and content for underperforming campaigns but miss out on checking the most crucial insights that might be the actual cause for their ads not delivering. 


Check Delivery Insights

Facebook Ads has a lot of features that would help you analyse in detail to help answer the answer to your questions.  Access Delivery Insights is an option available at the ad set level and gives you important insights about an ad set like Reach, Impressions, Frequency, First Time Impression Ratio, Cost per Result, Total Results generated, Total Amount Spent, Auction Overlap Rate, Auction Competition, Audience Saturation and Ad set History. Access Delivery Insights will provide you with necessary insights needed to make significant changes to the ad set in case of non performance.


Auction Overlap

When there are multiple ad sets targeting the same audiences simultaneously, they would many times end up in the same auctions competing against each other. Facebook, based on past campaign data, tries its best to prevent an advertiser from bidding against themselves by removing all but the most competitive of your ad sets from such auctions. This phenomenon is called Auction Overlap. 

All the Ad sets that Facebook removes from these overlapping auctions have a high auction overlap rate. These ad sets and all ads under these ad sets might perform poorly because Facebook does not  have enough chances to deliver them to the right audience.

To prevent such a scenario from happening, it is suggested to pause ad sets with high Auction Overlap rate or update the targeted audience so the better performing ad set can deliver better results.


Audience Saturation

Another crucial reason for an ad set’s underperforming is Audience Saturation. After a certain point, an ad set's performance may start to decline even if it still receives impressions. Audience Saturation will help you determine if people have seen your ads multiple times and are no longer responding to them. A higher frequency of an ad helps build awareness and recall but at the same time it also leads to continuously lowering returns in case of events like conversions or lead generation. The Audience Saturation tab gives you insights about how much of the total audience has been reached and the constantly increasing frequency is an indicator of the same. In such cases it is advised to either pause the ads and refresh the ads with a new creative or add to the current audience set to increase the reach and lower the frequency.


Facebook ads, like any other type of digital ads have a lot of crucial insights that if analysed properly can make your ad campaigns deliver better results. Follow this space for other crucial insights about Ad campaign delivery and optimization.

Ricky Khatwani, Head of Performance at McCollins Media