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Wordpress is one of the most popular open source content management platforms to develop websites. Many businesses feel the ease to align their business requirements with a Wordpress Website. Our in-house Wordpress development team in Dubai specializes in creating Corporate Websites, e-commerce websites or micro websites - depending upon the brand’s requirement.

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Some of the benefits of Developing a Wordpress Website :

  • Ease of Use - Known to all, easy to adapt and launch

  • Search Engines Love wordpress websites

  • 100% Customizable design of your website

  • Integrate plug ins to your website as per your business requirements

  • Multiple User Access

  • Blog incorporation within your website

  • Multilingual Websites as per the Arab Region, our Wordpress developers in Dubai are bilingual to understand the requirements of this market.

  • Brands have team members who can maintain the website post launch

Key Aspects for Wordpress :

  1. WordPress architecture: WordPress is built on the PHP programming language and uses a MySQL database to store content. Understanding the WordPress architecture is essential for building scalable and secure applications.

  2. WordPress customization: WordPress provides a variety of out-of-the-box features and plugins, but customizing these features is often necessary to meet the specific requirements of a project. WordPress customization involves creating custom themes, plugins, and widgets.

  3. WordPress integration: WordPress can integrate with a wide range of external systems, including third-party databases, marketing automation platforms, and e-commerce platforms.

  4. WordPress deployment: WordPress deployments can be complex, involving multiple environments, databases, and configurations. WordPress developers need to be proficient in deployment tools, such as Git, FTP, and SSH.

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Over the decade we have worked on some exciting web projects from Dubai Airport Freezone, Costa Coffee, Roads and Transport Authority Dubai to Samsung, LG, Pioneer or Zamil Industries in Saudi Arabia. Have a look at some of our work